Rado's novelty stems from a new perspective and a long history of watchmaking

In recent years, Rado has been building a unique space with a vast array of high-tech ceramics, their identities, as well as the brand's formidable archives and innovative technologies, including the charm of mechanical watches, ultra-light cases and rediscovery of vintage pieces. In other words, he is not complacent about what he can do well, but is making the image of Rado more attractive through new and colorful attempts. As a result, there are many different types of watches Ladoga introduced in BaselWorld 2018, each with their own distinctive character. One example is the True Thinline Nature Collection, inspired by the freshness of nature, and the New Diamaster Collection, which reveals the movement through the transparent openwork dial. You can expect Rado's novelty, which was created by a fresh perspective and long watchmaking know-how.

To celebrate the partnership with Grandi Giardini Italiani, an organization that promotes the rich heritage of Italian gardens, Rado added a symbol of nature to the true scene line. The collection combines a realistic dial with earth, water and leaves and a matching color case. The earthy toffee brown dial is finished with a diamond-coated metal coating, while the water's deep midnight blue dial resembles the mother of pearl. And the green dial that reminds the leaves is delicate with a screen of leaf veins beneath the mother of pearl. The high-tech ceramic monobloc case and bracelet are astonishing Rado's aerodynamics. As the name 'thin line', the case thickness of 39mm diameter is only 5mm.

Introduced in the 1960s, the rectangular case was inspired by the bold 1965 model and inherited the avant-garde design, but continues the past and present through changes in the case's materials (steel to titanium) and new precision movements. A vivid blue dial and vintage brown straps give a retro mood. A smaller version using steel is also available.

Rado has added three cool lineups to another collection, Hyperchrome, replica hublot representing the brand. The first is a case of hyperchrome ultra light (bronze and brown), which is almost half of the ultra-light ceramic, compared to the normal high-tech ceramics. The hyperchrome chronograph limited edition used, the last one is a skeleton automatic chronograph limited edition that reveals the movement's beauty on the wrist. Skeleton watch for the first time through Rado's hyperchrome line. Thanks to the full high-tech ceramic structure, the advantages of the material, such as light weight, scratch resistance and excellent fit, are preserved and the movement is bold. Limited production of 600 pieces, you can see the beauty of the mechanical watch on the wrist. All three collections look different, but you can see Rado's innovation, material fusion and a sense of design.