Graff replica watches showed the extreme of artistic excellence that the brand boasts in addition to the accumulated technology

Founded in 1960, Graff has been creating jewelry with the highest quality diamonds and colored stones for more than half a century. It has been 10 years since they entered the field of watchmaking. In the meantime, the company has shown high-quality jewelery watches with rare diamonds, as well as high complication watches such as tourbillon, minitripter, and skeletons. This year, Graff showed the extreme of artistic excellence that the brand boasts in addition to the accumulated technology. Men's watch gyrograph drive featuring the incredibly detailed Methidar dial, the Mastergraph ultra-flat Tourbillon Methidar collection, the women's watchgraph floral collection and the high jewelry watch diamond secret. Graff's time with brilliant stone combined with watchmaking know-how is more than jewelry.

The gyrograph drive features a dial with delicate miniature painting of the drive scene as if sitting in the driver's seat.replica omega watches In particular, the double axis tour cost at the 7 o'clock position and the spherical moon phase at the 10 o'clock position give the dial a sense of reality. In addition, a hand off center and a 65-hour power reserve indicator at 1 o'clock provide a harmony. The dial is perfected in a grand 48mm diameter case set with diamonds. In addition, Graff also introduced a version of the gyrograph skyline that transferred beautiful night views of Shanghai and Hong Kong with high-temperature enameling and miniature painting, further enriching the collection following last year's gyrograph world and Galaxy.

The Mastergraph Ultra Flat Tourbillon Collection is a perfect blend of Graff's long-established miniature painting, detailed enameling and jewelry setting techniques. Inspired by Japanese art and culture, it features three dials featuring themes of dragons, samurai and graffiti. To make this dial, Graff's craftsmen either sculpt the baseplate over 40 to 60 hours and then repeat and bake at 800 àin high heat or use an enameling heat treatment technique that proceeds at 180 ì a relatively low temperature developed by the company. Overlaid with several enamels. The miniature painting technique then completes the dial. This artistic dial is born as a piece in a 43mm diameter case in platinum or rose gold and diamonds. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it features a stunning combination of art and technology in a surprisingly thin case with the Movement Graff Caliber 4 driving Flying Tourbillon.

The Graf Floral Collection, unveiled last year, is a high-complication watch with a floral motif designed tourbillon cage and rotating flowers on the dial. This year, unlike its predecessor, it reduced the tour cost and put the balance wheel on the dial so that more people could enjoy the collection. However, you can still find Graff's outstanding artistic and technical skills in hand-painted flowers, mysterious mother-of-pearl dials, and bezels and bridges set with precious diamonds. It is available in pink, blue, purple and white.